Facial Recognition Software Sheds Light
on Why Pizza Makes us Happy
The Anatomy of a Pizza Party


To better understand the power of pizza, DIGIORNO® conducted a social experiment that measured its effect on the moods of partygoers – and the result was surprising.   In the experiments, we found that partygoers we studied were happiest when pizza was baking in the oven and its aroma filled the room.

To conduct this experiment, DIGIORNO recruited real people to host friends and family for a pizza party. During three separate parties, the room was set up with more than 40 high-resolution cameras that captured footage of guests while pizza baked in the oven, and after it was served.

With the help of facial recognition and emotion-tracking software, the footage was then analyzed to identify patterns in emotion.

Across all three gatherings, when the smell of pizza permeated the room, it coincided with the highest observable increase in joy – even greater than levels reached when the pizza was actually being eaten.

Explore the video, data visualization and press release to learn more about the experiment and data collected.

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